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Put quite simply, we help UK businesses achieve a cost effective, reliable, sustainable and zero-carbon energy future. 

Fleetsolve | Commercial CHP

We work across all major industry sectors, in multiple power critical environments, including large retail sites, NHS Hospitals, chemical manufacturing plants, hotels, conferencing centres, prisons, schools and universities including The London School of Economics and The University of Nottingham, providing audited carbon neutral renewable energy solutions 24/7. 


For approaching 20 years, Fleetsolve has applied its award-winning, renewable energy CHP expertise to help organisations transform their energy footprint. We design, manufacture, install and maintain bio-fuel CHP engines, and maintain and service similar units that run on natural gas and bio-gas. They consistently generate heat, power and steam that’s off-grid and behind the meter, delivering technical excellence and operational resilience while minimising disruption, emissions and energy costs. But our engines are only one part of the long-term energy strategies which we help our customers devise and implement, based on the complete energy package we provide. 


Whether you’re pivoting towards a renewable energy future, or want to maximise the reliability of your existing power generation equipment, we provide comprehensive support across design, build, installation, parts, maintenance and consultancy. All our support services are operated by our experienced team, fully accredited by ISCC, OFGEM, The Gas Safety Register, BREEAM, The European Renewable Energy Directive and more.


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