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L&Q is a regulated charitable housing association and one of the UK’s most successful independent social businesses. The L&Q Group houses around 250,000 people in more than 95,000 homes, primarily across London and the South East. 

London and Quadrant (L&Q) Group | Commercial CHP

L&Q’s vision is that everyone has a quality home they can afford, and they combine our social purpose with commercial drive to create homes and neighbourhoods everyone can be proud of.

L&Q's core tenure is social rented housing. On average, residents living in these homes pay less than 50% of market rents, making them genuinely affordable for people on lower incomes. They are absolutely committed to preserving this housing, and building more of it. L&Q also create high quality homes for private rent, shared ownership and outright sale.

In response to the housing and affordability crisis, we will build 100,000 new homes over ten years. Of these, 60,000 homes will be built or funded by L&Q, whilst a further 40,000 will come through partnerships. Crucially, at least 50% of these new homes will be genuinely affordable, with a target of 60% in London.

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