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In 1996 the University of Dundee, in conjunction with Clarke Energy, installed the first Jenbacher CHP installation in the UK (this was the first CHP installation at a Scottish University). This consisted of 3 x 1.037MWe Jenbacher 320 series generators. The CHP plant is connected to the campus wide district heating networks - which extends 6km. The district heating networks consist of high, medium and low grade thermal circuits.

University of Dundee | Commercial CHP

In 2005 the University installed a very low temperature heat network. This recovered & distributed heat from the CHP plant which was previously rejected. Subsequently, this project won a Green Gown Award.

In 2006 a 500kW Thermax absorption chiller was installed in a new Life Sciences building, connected via the HTHW district heating network hence achieving Trigeneration.

In 2012, 2 x 50 tonne thermal stores were installed, these have a combined thermal capacity of 8MWh.

In 2014 a 400kW Carrier absorption chiller was installed in yet another new Life Sciences building, connected via the HTHW district heating network.

In 2014 in conjunction with Clarke Energy, an additional 1 x 1.179MWe GE Jenbacher 416 series generator was installed, bringing the total generating capacity to near 4.3MWe

The CHP plant presently generates around 96% of the annual electrical load of the main campus and around 55% of the annual thermal load. C02 savings of around 3650 tonnes/ annum are achieved and Triad charges are minimised as a result of the embedded CHP generation.

The original plant is still running with a very high level of reliability and efficiency. The three original generators have collectively ran in excess of 425,000hrs.

The CHP plant is managed by DUUSCO Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary company of the University.

Find a video about Dundee's CHP, that Clarke Energy put together below: 

For more information about the scheme, see Clarke Energy's website on cogeneration here or on their CHP here

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