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The University has made a commitment to reducing its carbon emissions by cutting down on its energy use. Since 2002 the University has invested more than £20 million in an efficient network of low carbon and renewable power generation that now provides the majority of our energy needs.

University of Edinburgh | Commercial CHP

Our approaches to improving energy efficiency won the Green Energy Award for Best Environmental Initiative in 2004.

Our combined heat and power stations

Our first power station was originally proposed in a 2000 by final year Mechanical Engineering student Andrea Connelly. Andrea saw her proposal realised in 2006 as the second combined heat and power (CHP) station was opened at the University.

Since then, the University has expanded its CHP network, saving 8,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide and more than £1.5 million every year. Our most recent development is at the Holyrood and Pleasance campus, serving the Moray House School of Education, the Centre for Sport and Exercise and new student accomodation.

Veterinary School and Roslin Institute next in line for Trigeneration

The University signed a contract in April 2016 to develop a further £11m combined heat and power CHP scheme, in its latest move to reduce carbon emissions across its campuses.  The new energy centre will serve the Easter Bush campus and provide electricity for the Roslin Institute and the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies – along with a growing number of veterinary research facilities. 

I'm very pleased to see this further investment by the University in Scotland's transition to a more sustainable energy system. The University has been a leader in low carbon energy, in large part because of the dedication and expertise of our Estates staff. With the added support of our Easter Bush colleagues, this is another important milestone towards low-carbon, cost-effective energy for the University.  - Dave Gorman Director of Social Responsibility and Sustainability

As a new building on the present campus to allow for planned expansion, it will have both CHP engine, gas-fired boilers and an absorption chiller similar to the set-up at George Square.  The heat generated in the summer will be usefully used to create cooling for the many world class biomedical research labs on site.  It will also house a freezer farm for research samples from the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. 

The announcement builds upon the University’s continuing commitment to make a significant, sustainable and socially responsible contribution to Scotland, the UK and the world. In May 2015 the University signalled its intention to use its investments and procurement power to support the transition to a low carbon economy and to divest from the most destructive fossil fuel companies.

Within weeks £2.5 million pounds of direct investment was removed from firms involved in the highly polluting sectors of coal and tar sands

Our renewable energy generation

The University is exploring further opportunities to learn from and develop renewable power, both on and off campus. We have one 26 kWe solar energy installation on the walls and roof of the William Rankine Building at the King's Buildings campus.

University of Edinburgh Utilities Supply Company - UoE Utilities Supply Company Ltd

A subsidiary company was established to install and operate Combined Heat and Power energy centres at various premises of the University. 

The company was established to install and operate Combined Heat and Power energy centres at various premises of the University as the opportunity arose. Strategically, it will assist the University to pursue its goal of sustainable and efficient use of energy.

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