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With over 20 years experience in District Energy provision, Vital Energi, offers complete turnkey District Energy and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solutions for a wide range of applications in public, private and government sectors.

Vital Energi Utilities Ltd | Commercial CHP

We provide sustainable and viable energy solutions for our clients which not only meet their current energy requirements, but also anticipate their future energy demand. Our solutions are future proofed and flexible, allowing us to generate and distribute energy and then provide the management solutions to monitor, measure and reduce energy consumption and ensure those systems operate at optimum performance and clients receive the most benefits.

By using this approach we have been able to continuously reduce our clients’ carbon emissions and save them money on their energy bills each year.

Vital Energi's solutions are also suited to projects for local authorities, housing associations, new build and re-furbished properties, hospitals, universities, leisure, educational and sports facilities.

Thanks to an established infrastructure and an extensive team of qualified engineers and managers, the company is able to handle every stage of a project's lifecycle - from initial identification of a client's needs, through to solution design, installation, operation, maintenance and even project financing.

To supplement its own in-house management services, Vital Energi has developed partnerships with companies that supply the latest technologies in CHP plant, pre-insulated pipe, metering and remote control and monitoring systems. Rather than providing off-the-shelf packages, Vital Energi tailors solutions to each individual customer's needs. As a result, all solutions demand minimal maintenance whilst offering truly advanced capabilities, greater economy and enhanced operating benefits. And it's this turnkey, one-stop capability that makes Vital Energi all but unique within the European marketplace.

As a leading innovator in efficient energy provision for the UK, we provide a variety of efficient energy solutions for the public and private sectors. Our designs are specifically tailored to the needs of our clients and we have a strong track record of delivering successful projects that deliver on their guaranteed performance targets.

We provide a total solution, from initial proposal through to energy and asset management and have the expertise to offer advice on metering, billing and financing services.

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