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FairHeat is an energy consultancy with a mission to get the best out of the UK’s heat networks, saving heat network operators and their residents, money and resources.

FairHeat | Consultancy

Founded in 2015 by leading heat network innovators, FairHeat’s knowledge and experience enables it to take an uncompromising approach to reducing capital expenditure and increasing system efficiency.

Whether you’re in the early stages of planning heat for a new development, or operating an existing heat network, FairHeat will be the expert in your corner specifying the right equipment, testing systems and ensuring your network is fit for the long haul.

FairHeat is able to provide this support off the back of unrivalled exposure to system performance data derived from multiple live networks, extensive analysis of the impact of system interventions (changes designed to improve efficiency), along with in-depth testing of heat network hardware.

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