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Formerly ENER-G Natural Power Ltd, Ylem Energy Ltd, is a leading independent power generation specialist, founded on its ability to generate energy from biogas fuels sourced from landfill and AD processes.

Ylem Energy Limited | Consultancy

Over the past 25 years, we have developed and operated landfill gas-to-energy projects in the UK, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Morocco, Mexico and South Africa. Our team is committed to finding new and innovative solutions to manage gases efficiently in order to generate energy, reduce CO2 emissions and meet relevant environmental requirements.

Whilst our business has historically focused on producing electricity from biogas fuels, our enviable experience has led us to extend our capabilities to meet the needs of all types of gaseous-fuelled reciprocating generation and associated systems.

With such experience, alongside our technical and commercial capabilities and following significant investment in research and development, we have further extended our offering to encompass advance flexible generation systems that enable balancing of the grid and lower our energy-intensive clients’ reliance on importing costly peak power.

The Future:

Ylem Energy has a proven track record of delivering projects in many countries around the world and is experienced with the complexities of integrating standalone utilisation projects into the national grid of the host country and selling power in complex markets.

Ylem Energy are now utilising this experience to build solutions to help the UK move to a decentralised energy network, through the building of flexible generation sites, implementing and optimising behind the meter generation for our customers and a battery energy storage solution.

We are able to offer a full end to end service, from the initial site visit and outline design, through to successful completion, Ylem Energy has the skills and capacity to carry out detailed assessments and derive the optimum solution for projects.

Ylem Energy will provide the necessary finance for the project, and manage the construction works through to a successful commissioning. Once built the project will benefit from Ylem’s long term in-house operating regime, where our skills and knowledge of our operating staff will be utilised to deliver efficient and productive performance’.


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