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EDF is one of the largest Energy Services businesses in Europe operating hundreds of decentralised energy and district heating schemes for both public and private sector customers.

EDF Energy | Demand Flexibility

As a global energy company EDF is expert in all forms of energy generation and systems integration including renewable heat (GSHP, biomass, solar thermal, geothermal etc.), renewable power (solar PV, wind, hydro, anaerobic digestion etc.) and conventional technologies (Energy from Waste, CHP, boilers etc.). EDF Energy also offers Demand Side Services helping customers to achieve additional revenues and cost savings through the optimisation and control of on-site assets (generation and load). 

EDF Energy acquired Imtech Low Carbon Solutions in 2017. EDF Energy has operated district heating and decentralised energy schemes for over a decade and continues to help UK business and public sector customers to Optimise, Reduce and Generate their own energy. EDF Energy provides a turn-key service to its customers from innovation, design and build to financing, operation and maintenance.

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