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GridBeyond, formerly Endeco Technologies, was founded in 2007 and is the leading provider of demand side response and energy management technology for large industrial and commercial clients. 

GridBeyond | Demand Flexibility

GridBeyond uses world-class technology to balance the electricity grid, enabling the integration of more renewables, and delivering enhanced benefits to large energy consumers.

  • GridBeyond’s award-winning platform enables access to the most rewarding demand response services, as part of the world’s first hybrid battery and demand network.
  • Unique analytics, benchmarking and reporting into energy activity and DSR participation are accessible via GridBeyond’s advanced client portal.
  • Absolute peace of mind: GridBeyond’s asset-first approach, experience across all key industry sectors and technical expertise means they are trusted by hundreds of sites across the UK & Ireland.
  • GridBeyond simplifies the complex energy market by bringing together balancing services, capacity, smart tariffs, energy trading, peak avoidance and energy optimisation into one unified platform.

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