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Reactive Technologies is a new generation energy tech company leading the transition to a lower carbon energy future by empowering and creating value for businesses, generators and grid operators with ultra-fast, cloud-based communications technology.

Reactive Technologies | Demand Flexibility

Our goal is to lead the transition to a smarter, lower carbon energy system by empowering all system players to become active participants through our ultra-fast, cloud-based technology combined with our deep technical understanding.

We deliver exceptional value to businesses, generators and grid operators by unlocking energy revenue streams, optimising asset flexibility, delivering ultra-fast responses and providing future-proof solutions.

The changing energy system

The energy sector around the world is undergoing a fundamental change and Grid Operators are at the centre of three megatrends:

  • Decarbonisation: Governments and Regulators have committed to keeping global warming below 2 degrees requiring a radical change in energy mix. Meanwhile the market has driven the price of renewables to Grid parity in some places despite still being at the beginning of the technology learning curve.
  • Decentralisation: Clean technologies are by their nature closer to the Grid edge and spread throughout distribution networks all the way down to individual rooftops.
  • Digitisation: Consumers want to be in control, whether of their Electric car, Solar panels or battery storage. While they may become active participants in the energy system this requires new levels of co-ordination.

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