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Maximizing consumers' energy efficiency while streamlining the energy flexibility of the grid.

Stemy Energy UK Ltd | Demand Flexibility

Energy demand management is the quickest, most effective tool to balance demand and supply in the grid today. Demand management is the key pillar that solves distribution grid problems and matches demand and supply in the ancillary service markets using big data from end-users.

European policy is pushing for 70% renewable energy for electricity production by 2030; and the demand of electricity for electric vehicles (EVs) is set to increase steadily over the next decade. Demand management's relevance to the sustainability of the energy system will therefore only increase over time.

Take full advantage of demand management from today with Stemy

  • Stemy Energy was created with the mission to reduce the energy bill of end-users, reduce their carbon footprint, and promote a more sustainable energy system, using learning tools to participate in the ancillary services market in real time whilst managing the demand simultaneously.
  • With this aim, Stemy created the SPLODER platform, which optimizes existing energy infrastructure in real time; and it dimensions your future energy resource investments considering the needs and behaviour of your clients.
  • We work hand in hand with you. We analyse and design the best strategy to maximize your returns in the new European Ancillary Services Market (ASM). We then manage the real time operation of your energy resources while making optimal bids in the ASM.
  • SPLODER is simplicity itself: It is autonomous, cloud based, self-learning and fully compliant with all energy regulations. It is, in effect, a private energy broker for end-users and a collective control and management tool for utilities.

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