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Atkins is the largest engineering consultancy group in the UK. We provide services world-wide in transportation, education, health, energy, property, cost management, property, and management consultancy.

Atkins | Demand Response

Our customer base is equally diverse and includes all aspects of industry, banking, insurance and central and local government.

Atkins Energy operates in industry, commerce and local government providing a broad range of energy related services that are designed to allow our clients to focus on core business whilst still meet their energy efficiency and environmental emissions obligations.

CHP / Commercial / Industrial Energy Management

Energy policy development
Commercial analysis
Monitoring of energy markets
Bulk energy purchase management
Electricity export/import contractual management
Natural gas supply contract negotiation
Maximisation of CCL & LEC benefits
EU ETS and facilitation of carbon trading
Regulatory issues
Bill verification and payment control

CHP Management Services / Wind Energy

CHP project development
CHP operation & maintenance management
CHP availability and performance investigation
CHP optimisation• CHP energy Management
CHP technical investigations
CHP independent advice
Consents, permit and licensing assessments
Feasibility studies of small-scale & industrial renewable generation schemes

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