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The university, which endeavours to make a significant contribution to sustainable development use CHP with district heating to provide low carbon heat and hot water and electricity for its students and staff.

University of Birmingham | District Heating

Founded in 1900, it now employs more than 7,000 staff and has an annual turnover of almost £580 million. With more than 20,000 undergraduate and 14,000 postgraduates, Birmingham is constantly developing and evolving in its desire to become a leading global university

The 375kWe CHP plant, which utilises the heat produced in electricity generation to provide hot water, will allow the university to produce its own energy in an efficient and sustainable way. Whilst installing the cost-effective system, the University has taken further measures to meet the CO2 targets with a number of projects, from enhancing the fabric of buildings to improve thermal performance and ensuring the efficient operation of equipment, to implementing a behavioural change campaign that encourages building users to help conserve energy and reduce energy consumption. 

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