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Energy demands our attention more than ever before. Now a major cost, but it can also be seen as an opportunity to improve services, reduce costs and generate revenues. 

Adecoe | Energy Efficiency

Adecoe is an innovative, forward-thinking and, above all, an experienced team. Our passion is to create and deliver new energy opportunities for housing organisations and their customers.

Uniquely combining strategic vision with practical knowledge and experience, we deliver real projects and real change.


We recognise it is vital to work closely with our clients, identifying the needs of the organisation and those of their customers. We successfully help our clients get to where they need to be. 

Working closely and creatively with you, we will identify the issues you want to tackle, the objectives you want to meet and the outcomes you want to achieve. We will help you create the ideas, products, services and programmes that will make the difference for you, your organisation and your customers.


We believe that housing should be the best for clients, for customers and for business.

Energy supply and management should no longer be seen as a drain on your resources. They can be harnessed in all levels of your operation to create real opportunities. 

We help our clients realise the value they already have in their homes and organisations to increase investment; to reduce costs and deliver improved services.  

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