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Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions (University of Oxford)

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The Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions (CREDS) was established in 2018 with an ambition to make the UK a leader in understanding the changes in energy demand needed for the transition to a secure and affordable, low carbon energy system.

Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions (University of Oxford) | Energy Efficiency

In order to address the scale of the challenge, energy demand research needs to focus on demand side changes going ‘further, faster and flexibly’. Studies of incremental efficiency improvement and minor behavioural changes will not be sufficient; more transformative change is needed.

This changing context for energy implies new research questions in the areas of technology, business models, social change and governance, and in their interaction. Our vision is for energy demand research in the UK to rise to this challenge.

CREDS’ extensive research programme has strong links with industry and policy, and provides evidence to support planning and decision-making.

CREDS brings together over 80 academics in a consortium of 13 universities, as well as a knowledge exchange team based at the University of Oxford. 

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