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Guru delivers market-leading hardware and data analytics across heat networks, improving performance for developers, heat suppliers, customers and our planet.

Guru Systems Limited | Heat Metering

Guru’s market-leading utilities management device Guru Hub II gives complete visibility of heat network and other utility performance. Taking data from meters, a network of Hubs constantly monitors conditions across the entire heat network, including individual dwellings and the plant room, as well as up to four additional utilities. Guru Hub II then provides reliable and secure data to Guru Pinpoint and Guru Pay.

Guru Pinpoint is our groundbreaking online analytics platform. It gives developers, operators, and engineers access to the real-time performance data being collected by Guru Hub II. This data can be viewed remotely at any time, helping to identify and resolve inefficiencies and performance issues.

Guru Pay is Guru’s utilities management platform. Guru Pay allows property managers and metering and billing companies to manage tariffs, manage payments and mitigate debt risk by remotely switching customers from credit to prepayment, extending friendly or emergency credit, and enabling or disabling supply when needed. The Guru Hub II in-home display also provides residents with a simple way to view and pay for the energy they use.

Changes made following faults spotted using Guru Pinpoint have already reduced losses across heat networks translating to significant savings on energy bills each year for residents and operators, and reduced carbon emissions.

At Elizabeth House in London, data collected and analysed by Guru prompted interventions that saw a 68% reduction in network heat loss and an 80% cost saving in pump room energy. These changes on average saved customers living in the building £128 in energy bills per year.

At Harvesters Way in Edinburgh, using Guru Pinpoint 100% witnessing was achieved - with every home’s heating and hot water system performing as designed before being occupied by  residents.

In 2018, Carbon Trust certified Guru’s Heat Networks Life Cycle Assessment Model which calculates greenhouse gas savings of 5.95tCO2e per dwelling over ten years through the use of Guru hardware and Guru Pinpoint.

Delivering low-carbon heat is one of the biggest challenges in the transition to a net-zero emissions future. Guru’s technology helps to accelerate this transition by using AI-driven analytics to improve efficiency and change the future of heat for the better.

Guru Systems’ technology was named Innovation Project of the Decade at the ADE Awards in 2017.

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