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REHAU, a premium polymer manufactuer, supply 2 PE-Xa pre-insulated pipes, RAUTHERMEX and RAUVITHERM, for district energy applications.

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RAUTHERMEX has a closed cell PU foam insulation and offers excellent insulation values, ideal for large district heating applications. RAUVITHERM uses a PE-X foam insulation, making it extremely flexible with low heat losses, perfect for small-medium size district schemes.. In May 2012, REHAU started manufacturing RAUVITHERM in North Wales to reduce the carbon footprint of the product and support the local economy, making RAUVITHERM the only PE-Xa district heating pipe made in the UK.

Both pre-insulated pipes use the renowned leakproof Everloc™ compression sleeve fitting which can be done in all weather conditions and has been used over 500 million times worldwide with no leaks. Both polymer pipes offer installation advantages over steel due to their weight, long coil lengths, jointing technique and flexibility.. REHAU pre-insulated pipes are availabe in UNO (up to 160mm) and DUO (up to 75mm). RAUTHERMEX is also available in a Plus version, which offers ca. 20% lower heat losses compared to standard insulation thicknesses.

REHAU is a premium worldwide brand for polymer-based innovations and systems in building solutions, automotive and industry.. Strong development capabilities and synergistic efficiencies based on experience in many industries give the modern company its unique presence in the world of plastics. REHAU was founded in 1948 in Germany and now employ over 17,000 people in over 170 locations across the world.

REHAU's Technical Department can assist with pipe sizing, heat loss calculations and takeoffs for your district heating scheme and our specification team also offer CPDs on District Heating & Heat Networks. Alongside our market leading pre-insulated pipes, REHAU renewable energy range also includes digester heating for AD / biogas plants, ground-source pipework, underfloor heating and ground-air heat exchangers.

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