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Star Renewable Energy (SRE) is the business unit of Star Refrigeration Ltd focused on large (>500kW), high temperature heat pumps ( >60C and upto 85C). 

Star Renewable Energy | Heat Networks

These systems are particularly suited for district heating where the source of heat is a river, the sea, ground water, industrial waste heat and it is these markets we have been working in since the unit was established. Aside from CO2 savings, the use of heatpumps reduces the levels of NOx and other combustion products from the location.
SRE offer preliminary design support, as well of course as a full manufacturing (in Glasgow) and installation service across the world.
Early stage assessments can also be supported with our Ethos energy monitoring solution which can be configured for multiple data inputs and intelligent processing to show efficiency relative to any other parameters even client inputs such as production volumes.

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