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​Cogen is the CHP business of RWE and is one of the leading developers of industrial CHP in the UK.

RWE | Industrial CHP

Cogen has a wealth of experience developing and operating CHP plants in the UK, with over a million plant operating hours. Long term energy supply contracts have been secured with many customers, where CHP plants have been installed with a combined electrical output capacity of 555MW and a thermal capacity of 1,500 MW.

Our client list includes many blue chip companies such as ConocoPhillips, Ineos Nitriles, Aylesford Newsprint, Dow Corning, Polimeri Europa UK, Cognis and Millennium Inorganic Chemicals. Through a "Partnership Energy Management" approach Cogen have designed, built and operated CHP plant at our customer's premises that provide secure supplies of energy, close to where they are required. CHP plants from Cogen can offer reduced energy costs, reliable supplies and reduced CO2 emissions to the environment. Cogen has so far invested over £350 million, in CHP plant.

We are committed to delivering tailor-made energy solutions to industry and are ideally positioned to providing all the energy requirements of our customers.

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