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ACE research: call for European energy and housing data

9 September 2019

ACE Research will be monitoring and evaluating the impact of energy advice to 15,000 consumers across nine European countries as part of the Solutions to Tackle Energy Poverty (STEP) project.

 Funded through the EU’s Horizon2020 programme, this project is being delivered by nine consumer-focused partners, including Citizens Advice in the UK.

The ACE Research team are developing an Energy Saving Evaluation Model (ESEM) which will process data and model the primary energy savings, investment in sustainable energy and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions triggered by the project.  

We are currently analysing a range of data sources and literature to help build ‘profiles’ across the nine participating STEP countries. We need to understand the makeup of each country’s energy generation and power mix (including the prevalence of heat networks for example), the energy performance of housing and the consumption profiles of households in each country.  

The nine participating STEP countries are: 

  • Lithuania  
  • Bulgaria  
  • UK (activity will be based around Reading, Coventry and Manchester) 
  • Cyprus  
  • Portugal  
  • Czech Republic  
  • Poland  
  • Latvia  
  • Slovakia  

If you are able to assist the ACE Research team with commentary for the country profiles, data sources or industry and governmental contacts across the participating countries, please contact us on   

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