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ACE Research launches new brochure to highlight its research expertise

12 March 2021

Internationally respected research unit ACE Research has launched a new marketing brochure highlighting the range of research services it offers the decentralised energy market.

ACE Research historically focused on energy efficiency as it was originally part of the Association for the Conservation of Energy. 

However, since becoming part of the Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE), it has broadened its scope to all decentralised energy sectors, including combined heat and power, heat networks and demand side response services.

ACE Research’s work supports that of the ADE, ensuring that policy positions and advocacy are always founded on and guided by the best available evidence and insight, as well as working on externally funded research projects.

Services offered include helping to understand market competitors, identifying potential partners within a supply chain or stakeholders to engage with, and running internal and external stakeholder workshops.

ACE Research has conducted research across the entire breadth of the energy sector, working for the EU; central, regional and local government; consumer organisations and a range of private sector product manufacturers, installers and consultancies. 

It works alongside academic institutions, the third sector and commercial consultants to deliver collective research insights to support the decentralised energy sector in the transition to net zero.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the ACE Research team:

Kelly Greer - Head of Research - Email:

Lau Alvarez - Research Manager - Email:

To see the full range of services offered and a host of case studies, please download the full brochure.

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