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ADE and CIBSE launch consultation on CP1.2

17 January 2019

The Heat Network Code of Practice for the UK is currently undergoing a public consultation on the revised draft Code of Practice CP1.2. This consultation was launched on 15th January 2019 and will be closed on 10th February 2019.

Objectives of the consultation

CIBSE and the Association of Decentralised Energy (ADE) have an ongoing partnership to enhance the quality of heat networks. This partnership has already developed CP1 the Heat Networks Code of Practice (2015). CP1 has been successful in introducing minimum standards and has had a significant effect on the procurement of district heating. 

CIBSE/ADE, funded by BEIS, are now updating the Code to CP1.2 to help take the sector to the next level, aiming to: 

  • Enhance the minimum performance
  • Update the content to reflect how the UK heat networks market has evolved since 2015
  • Improve the usability for each target audience group
  • Improve links to existing guidance and standards where they exist
  • Improve the checkability so that the reader can confirm compliance with CP1.2 and the evidence for compliance is clear. However, this work does not set up a formal, wider compliance scheme
  • Enhance considerations of optimisation and future proofing of heat networks.

The CP1 update team has gone through multiple rounds of comment already including previous comments submitted to us, and recent comments from a very large steering group.

This has progressed the revised draft to the version made available below (see Supporting Papers).  

CIBSE and the ADE are seeking feedback on this updated draft - v7. In particular, there is a need for specific changes that you feel are necessary (and why). Please fill out the feedback form (see Supporting Papers below) with your specific changes. The more specific you are in your feedback, the more likely it is that the authors may be able to include changes. 

Completed responses should be emailed to


  • Proposed changes to the 2015 edition are shown in green (as "track changes" got unusably complex)
  • Current numbering refers to the 2015 version and will be re-numbered during layout
  • Comments will only be considered if they are on the feedback form provided and received by the end of 10th February 2019
  • CP1.2 has an associated set of checklists for monitoring performance and documenting compliance with CP1.2. These are a fully integrated component of CP1.2, provided in a separate XLS spreadsheet below, and we seek comment on these as well.

Supporting papers

To download the papers that supported this consultation, please find the links to the documents below on the CIBSE webpage

  • Heat Networks Draft Code of Practice CP1.2 v7 here
  • CP1.2 checklists for documenting compliance with CP1.2 here
  • Consultation response form here


For any enquiries about the Code of Practice or this consultation, please contact the steering committee via the Code of Practice email address or CIBSE support for the project, Nicholas Peake at or Tel: 020 8772 3684 or contact John Bryant at the ADE. 

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