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Decentralised Energy Awards 2022 Shortlist - Power and Flexibility

16 May 2022

Congratulations to all of the shortlisted entries for the Power and Flexibility Award! Below is a short summary for each shortlisted project so you can find out more about what it takes to make the final bunch - if you haven't got your tickets yet, click here to book an individual seat or a table for your team.

ALICE - Agent for Lifestyle-Based Intelligent Control of Energy

Amp X

ALICE – the Agent for Lifestyle-based Intelligent Control of Energy - is an in-home energy management system which uses artificial intelligence and user-centred autonomous control to help consumers benefit from low-cost and low-carbon electricity. With minimal user input, ALICE can autonomously shift energy consumption in response to market signals, reducing costs and even earning money by selling flexibility to network operators.


Project Dino - Domestic Infrastructure and Network Optimisation

Evergreen Smart Power

To aid the UK in reaching net zero by 2050, the UK’s transport and heating will have to become more electrified. But with the increased electrical demand can our local LV networks handle the strain? Project DINO sets out to solve this by creating an AI platform that bridges the local LV assets and domestic loads, to create balance.


Kaluza’s vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology


Kaluza is pioneering the world’s first and largest domestic rollout of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology, showcasing how this innovation can be used as a pivotal component of a zero-carbon energy system. Kaluza uses AI and machine learning to intelligently manage the charging of V2G devices, and allows cars to store energy and export it back into the grid when demand increases.


Minety - Europe's largest operational battery


In July 2021, Limejump and Shell announced the groundbreaking energisation of Europe’s largest battery. The ‘first of its kind’ 100MW battery is connected to the UK’s National Grid, via the distributed network, helping to ensure the grid remains balanced in times of over or under supply - creating the flexible grid required to achieve net zero by 2050.



Nodes AS

The innovative IntraFlex project trailed a new market design for the activation of flexibility (ShortFlex) in a continuous, close to real-time, pay as bid market. It demonstrated bidding, matching and settlement of local flexibility orders. The cost reflective market structure added transparency to flexibility costs, allowing for informed investment decisions to be made, hence reducing the impact on the consumer.


Intelligent Octopus

Octopus Energy + Kraken Flex

Intelligent Octopus empowers EV owners to drive decarbonisation by providing low cost, highly responsive and rapidly deployable grid flexibility. We have worked tirelessly to create a customer proposition which is comprehensible yet informing, fully integrated yet seamless all whilst participating in advanced market applications. Ultimately, transforming EVs from a strain on the grid to one of its most powerful resources.


Dynamic Demand 2.0, Zenobē

Open Energi

In collaboration with Zenobē and Erova Energy, Open Energi has deployed Dynamic Demand 2.0 technology at the Hill Farm battery in Leicestershire. The site, home to a 10MW/12MWh Tesla battery, seamlessly stacks ancillary services and wholesale market trading through its fully automated trading and optimisation whilst remaining within optimum warranty and state of charge management constraints.


The stationary fuel cell system

Robert Bosch UK + Ceres Power

Bosch and Ceres are combining their expertise in fuel cell technology to create highly efficient, scalable, fuel flexible and environmentally friendly power generation systems for use in many applications. The collaboration which utilises proprietary solid oxide fuel cell technology (SOFC) from Ceres spans from advanced R&D here in the UK, right through to a mass production output of 200MW by Bosch in 2024.




Sycous have created an industry-changing cloud Pay-As-You-Go system for heat networks that works entirely with open protocol hardware and IoT solutions. This innovative approach to PAYG billing for heat networks, supported by Innovate UK, enables heat network operators to roll out PAYG systems, whilst still maintaining full flexibility for future operation of installed hardware: no vendor lock-in or lifetime fees.


The Decentralised Energy Awards

The Association for Decentralised Energy's annual awards are the leading and most prestigious awards for those involved in decentralised energy, recognising and celebrating the people and projects which have developed innovative decentralised energy solutions designed around the needs of the user. 

The awards showcase innovation, best practice and achievements across heat, efficiency, power and flexibility. The winners will be announced at the ADE’s annual gala dinner, hosted at the stunning Hurlingham Club in central London on Wednesday 15th June. We’re so pleased we’ll be able to meet in person again to celebrate the sector’s success! 

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