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Energising procurement – call to action

29 April 2022

Have you been through an energy procurement opportunity and want to share your experience of the opportunities and the community benefits that have been realised?    

ACE Research at the Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) is working with the Local Government Association (LGA) to support the updating of its National Energy Procurement Category Strategy, Energising Procurement.  

The strategy, first developed in 2017, featured several case studies including:

  • London Borough of Islington’s in-house team of energy conservation officers to monitor and target energy consumption 
  • Bristol City Council experience in SmartSpaces, an EU-funded project to save energy in public buildings using ICT. 
  • Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Salix to provide £10 million investment to support low carbon demonstrator projects across council buildings and schools.  
  • Council’s LED street lighting replacement projects.  
  • Energy performance Contract opportunities, including those through RE:FIT and Local Partnerships.  
  • Solar Bond Schemes and Power Purchasing Agreement supporting local community initiatives and the development of new homes. 

The update to the strategy comes at an opportune moment in supporting councils with the myriad of pressures that they are facing.  Local councils continue to bear the impact of the national government’s budget and resourcing reductions. The energy crisis, the war in Ukraine and the devastating economic impacts of COVID-19 are and will continue to have critical implications such as supply shortages and energy security issues. Councils will need more money for future energy supply tenders. Local government also has a key role in mitigating climate change, with the decarbonisation agenda continuing to pick up pace following COP26 and many councils declaring climate change emergencies.  

The updated strategy will support local councils to optimise the way they procure and manage energy in today’s markets, focusing on the wide range of economic, environmental and social opportunities available to them. This is particularly pertinent with the current energy price crisis and councils’ efforts to minimise costs, generate income and maximise the benefits for their local communities through their energy procurement actions.   

The team are looking to include a wide range of case studies across several new strategy themes:  

  • Showing leadership  
  • Behaving Commercially 
  • Achieving Community Benefits  

Call to action - do you work with local councils?  

We are asking for ADE members and the wider industry to share their experience of the opportunities that have been realised through procurement opportunities with local councils.  

This could include local employment and apprenticeships, commitments to use local supply-chain providers, supporting activity in schools, or creating local energy bonds to fund local low carbon generation.  

To discuss the strategy or share information on your experiences, please contact Lau Alvarez ([email protected]) and Steph Hacker ([email protected]).

The team will be hosting a virtual workshop using MCS Teams on the 18th of May 1:30- 3 pm to discuss the content of the strategy and would welcome the attendance of ADE members and the wider industry.

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