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In a world of accelerating change, fortune favours the brave

9 May 2019

The ADE's Tim Rotheray has a message for governments and business 

Earlier this month, Burger King announced that it would trial selling the entirely plant-based 'Impossible Whopper' burger in 59 of its US restaurants. If successful, Burger King will roll out the Impossible Whopper to all 5,700 stores. It is designed to taste just like a beef burger and, apparently, it works - Eric Bohl, a meat industry lobbyist, said "If I didn't know what I was eating, I would have no idea it was not beef".

Back in the UK, the Chancellor announced in March that individual gas boilers will be banned from all new homes from 2025.

These two seemingly unconnected events are vital markers of the pace of change in environmental awareness and carry a message to government and business. Both these decisions were unimaginable just a couple of years ago. The burger is a central icon of US culture and the gas boiler is the staple of home heating in the UK. For mainstream companies, and the Conservative government, to take these decisions shows how quickly the impact of emissions, food choice and waste are taking centre stage. The critical point is that the pace of change in both awareness and action is accelerating, and fast.

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