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IPPR Environmental Justice Commission launch final report

14 July 2021

The cross-party IPPR Environmental Justice Commission has launched its final report after being established in May 2019 to address how tackling climate change can also improve people’s lives, health and well-being.

The final report; “Fairness and Opportunity- A people powered plan for the green transition” sets out a blueprint for action, developed uniquely through consultation with citizens from across the UK – and designed to maximise public support for the changes we need to make.

The overwhelming message is one of optimism: our citizens juries showed that people believe that if all parts of society work together, then not only can the climate and nature crises be tackled, but actions to address them could create jobs, improve people’s everyday lives, and improve health and wellbeing.

Part one defines the shifts needed in the UK’s approach to addressing the climate and nature crises and makes the case for a ‘new social contract’, to deliver a transition that is both rapid and fair.

Part two outlines the practical steps the Commission proposes. Each contains proposals on what they think needs to be done, when and by whom. The commission’s recommendations have been shaped by the experience, insights, and priorities of the jurors of our four citizens’ juries held across the UK in 2020-21.

View the interactive easy-read digital report here and in long-form PDF here.

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