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Consultation responses

ADE DRAFT Response to Consultation on EBGL Article 18: DC High Changes | 1 July 2021

Click here to find the ADE's response to the ESO's  EBGL Article 18 consultation on changes to facilitate the introduction of the Dynamic Containment high-frequency product.

ADE Final Response | ESO’s DSO Strategy Consultation

The ADE's final response to the ESO’s consultation on their DSO Strategy can be downloaded below.

ADE Draft Response | ESO’s DSO Strategy Consultation

On the 21st of April, National Grid ESO launched a consultation on their approach to the DSO transition, which closes on the 21st of May 2021. The Association has prepared a draft response, and welcomes member feedback. 

ADE Response | GC0134 Code Administrator Consultation | 10 May 2021

View the ADE's response to this consultation on the ESO's proposal to remove the Telephony requirement for small-scale participants in the Balancing Mechanism.

ADE Response | Consultation on EBGL Article 18 DC Procurement Changes | 25 May 2021

NGESO has launched an EBGL Article 18 Consultation for changes to how Dynamic Containment (DC) will be procured. Please review the ADE's response to this consultation.

FINAL ADE Response to Ofgem Call for Evidence on ESO Performance over 2020-21| 23 April 2021

The ADE welcomes the opportunity to respond to Ofgem’s call for evidence on National Grid ESO’s performance over the 2020-21 regulatory period.

ADE Final Response | RIIO-ED2 Sector Specific Methodology

The ADE's final response to Ofgem's RIIO-ED2 Sector Specific Methodology consultation can be downloaded here. 

ADE Final Response | Open Networks Flexibility Consultation

The ADE's final response to the Open Networks Flexibility Consultation can be downloaded here. 

Final ADE Response | Heat Networks: Building a Market Framework (BEIS)

The ADE's final response can be downloaded below.

Standardised Heat Contract Templates (SOMS)

Triple Point has consulted on and published a Standardised Operation and Maintenance Set (SOMS).

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