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ADE Final Response | Clean Growth - Transforming Heating

22 February 2019

The ADE has submitted it's response to Clean Growth - Transforming Heating.

Clean Growth - Transforming Heating “looks further ahead to support the development of a long-term policy framework”.

It looks primarily at the three identified opportunities for heat decarbonisation that were highlighted in the Clean Growth Strategy:

  1. Hydrogen
  2. Electrification
  3. Biogas (or emissions removal)

From here, the document pulls out strategic inferences from the evidence base and current policy as well as public attitudes reports, before making commitments for government actions in the future based on these strategic inferences.

The government has asked for feedback on the evidence base, strategic inferences and identified actions. BEIS is also asking for thoughts on which parties or actors are best placed to deliver certain actions.

Our final response can be downloaded below. 

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