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National Infrastructure Commission Consultation | congestion, capacity, carbon

12 January 2018

The Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) welcomes the opportunity to respond to the energy and waste infrastructure section of the National Infrastructure Commission’s interim report consultation ‘Congestion, Capacity, Carbon: priorities for national infrastructure’. 

We welcome the Commission’s focus on energy and waste infrastructure, particularly its focus on the most energy efficient, cost-effective solutions for decarbonising our heat supply. Infrastructure should be developed with a clear aim: to deliver the best consumer value in the transition to an affordable, secure and low carbon economy. To do so, there are two key principles that should apply to reviewing infrastructure policy and investment:

  • We should control consumer costs by using existing infrastructure more effectively to deliver a better value and more secure energy system. There are major infrastructure opportunities to cut waste from the energy system that remain untapped.
  • New energy infrastructure investments should be considered holistically, as part of the wider energy system. There are major interactions with potential conflicts and synergies between heat, power, waste and transport. To ensure the best value for energy users, the synergies need to be understood and exploited, and conflicts mitigated. This cannot be achieved with the current siloed approach to energy policy.

By addressing these two principles, the Government could move towards a more productive, better value energy, low-carbon infrastructure, for consumers’ benefits.

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