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Response to GLA Draft Environment Strategy

20 November 2017

The Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Greater London Authority’s consultation on is Draft Environment Strategy.

Our response to the consultation sets out that:

  • We welcome the GLA’s commitment to reduce its carbon emissions in line with the Paris Agreement and the Climate Change Act.
  • We welcome the GLA’s ambition on both air quality and carbon emissions, but that it is important that the GLA takes a holistic approach, carefully considering the impact of certain solutions on users’ energy costs.
  • With appropriate guidelines, heat networks with CHP can play an important role in helping reduce NOx levels and improve overall air quality. However, policy measures taken to solve these issues must be carefully considered to ensure they are focussed on achieving clear outcomes of neutral or better air quality, not arbitrary technology thresholds.
  • It is important that the Mayor’s programmes and policies to improve the energy efficiency of buildings is joined up with its wider strategic aims to expand the role of district heating to existing buildings, including in RE:NEW, RE:FIT, and in carbon offset funds.
  • While we are concerned that the GLA’s decentralised energy target appears to have been reduced, we welcome the GLA’s continued support for district heating and recognition for the important role heat networks will have in the decarbonisation of cities.
  • We welcome the GLA’s interest and commitment to ensuring that all new buildings deliver their expected performance in reducing costs for residents and carbon emissions. It is right that the GLA and local planning authorities are taking the necessary steps to ensure building developers are meeting their delivery obligations. The heat network industry has taken a number of important steps, including the delivery of Heat Trust and the creation of a technical compliance scheme. It will be important the GLA ensures its guidance and planning requirements align with these national standards.
  • We welcome the ongoing commitment to the remaining funding for DEEP and the consideration of the creation of a District Heating Network Delivery Body for London, and see its creation as a positive step forward.
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