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Standardised Heat Contract Templates (SOMS)

9 March 2020

Triple Point has consulted on and published a Standardised Operation and Maintenance Set (SOMS).


Triple Point Heat Networks has published a suite of thirteen template heat contracts for use by anyone involved in a district heating scheme. They can all be downloaded from

These templates were drafted by clean energy law firm, Lux Nova Partners, a member of HNIP team. The work was commissioned by BEIS.

Triple Point said "We are confident that they will be of significant value, and that they will offer a useful starting point to contract creation and negotiation."

The suite of contracts includes but is not limited to templates on energy centre lease; operation and maintenance (O&M); and connection and supply agreement. Each of these will need to be tailored to each specific project.

The ADE welcomes the publication of these documents, which will drive standardisation within the heat networks market, and help to reduce the barriers to entry including cost, particularly for smaller operators. 

The full suite is listed below.

  • Energy Centre Lease
  • Easement 
  • Concession Agreement 
  • Design, Build, operate and Maintenance (DBOM) Agreement 
  • Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Agreement 
  • Use of System Agreement
  • Connection and Supply Agreement
  • Connection and Supply Agreement (Plot and Building) 
  • Framework Supply Agreement
  • Residential Supply Agreement 
  • Housing Association and Developer Supply Agreement 
  • Commercial Supply Agreement
  • Meter and Billing Agreement 


In late 2019, Triple Point consulted on these documments. The ADE's final rseponse to Lux Nova's consultation on the standardised documents for heat networks can be downloaded below.

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