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Breaking down the barriers to citywide heat network deployment | Heat Vision 2030 Webinar

Join Minibems for this interactive webinar on Tuesday 8 September, 10:00 - 11:25am, to understand and explore their vision for a Glasgow City Centre heat network.

Three months ago, Minibems presented a vision of what a heat network across Glasgow city centre might look like. These ideas and assumptions were fed into the Comsof Heat software to visualise the network and provide a range of quantifiable outputs. 

The model demonstrated that even at low electricity prices, it would require strong policy to deliver offtake surety, therefore making the project truly investable.

Now, with 5 companies now putting their heads together, Minibems are getting a refined idea of the challenges we would face if attempting to cover the Glasgow City Centre with a heat network. 

Join this webinar to understand more about the project and to share your feedback, particularly on the following:

  • Have we got it right?
  • Are there glaring reasons why our vision should not become a reality?
  • Who should we work with?
  • Can you help? 

Find out more and register here:

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