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Decarbonisation Summit 2022

Green.TV Media and SSE are proud to present the Decarbonisation Summit, hosted at the Science & Industry Museum in Manchester on 7th and 8th June, 2022.

Join us in person or online (attendance is free), as we propel a vision for a decarbonised future across the globe, to inspire change, initiate action, and amplify a range of vital voices in the race to zero emissions.

The Summit will bring speakers from a wide range of sectors to share their ideas, visions, and breakthroughs to make a real difference in how our society can be fully decarbonised in a cost-effective and affordable manner.

10 different panels across two days will cover the key issues that cities and businesses are currently facing, from decarbonising heat ad transport to accelerating the generation of renewable energy, to delivering sustainable food and upskilling our workforce to power the future green economy.

For further information and to register go here: Decarb Home (

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