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How to decarbonise existing building stock | Hysopt Webinar Series

ADE member Hysopt are hosting a number of webinars exploring how to implement low carbon heating technologies in order to help decarbonise our build stock. 

Struggling to introduce low carbon heating technologies (for example heat pumps) into existing buildings and heat networks? Do you wonder why hybrid systems involving multiple heat generation sources are particularly sensitive to correct hydraulic design? This webinar is for you! 

With some spectacular case studies, Hysopt will show you how their software brings transparency of performance and helps you make the right technology decisions in terms of carbon, cost and risk KPI’s over the lifetime of the installation. Plus you’ll find out how their digital tools will help you follow your project from concept to installation and commissioning and secure the integrity of the designs for the lifecycle of the installation.

Join Hysopt on 11 June, 10:30 - 11:00.

Register here.

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