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Technology showcase - ‘Decarbonising heat’ across the Northeast

Event Organised by the ADE

Introducing the UK’s first low carbon heat cluster - A technology showcase of innovative decarbonising heat projects across the Northeast

Technology showcase - ‘Decarbonising heat’ across the Northeast | ADE events

An online series of talks showcasing the leading low carbon heat projects in the Northeast. This will be followed by an online panel discussion linked to net zero strategy and the economic opportunity in the Northeast.

You may not have heard about them yet, but innovations in low carbon heat are fast becoming a UK speciality. From utilising geothermal heat in flooded former coal mines to heat homes and businesses, to heat networks that work like car-pooling to allow people to meet their energy needs together, to heavy industry and agriculture using air and ground source heat in their processes, the UK low carbon heat sector is brimming with new ideas.

These innovations are going to touch every home, every street, every business, every farm, every public building, although many of us are still not aware of this. It is clear decarbonising heat is going to be a relay not a sprint for single technologies and with this in mind, the ADE is partnering with the Northeast Local Enterprise Partnership and Calibrate Ltd to host a showcase of the most promising ideas, all working right now in the Northeast of England.


Technology showcases include

Gateshead Council - Heat Network Project

The Coal Authority - Mine Energy

Calibrate Engineering Ltd - Ground Source Heat Pumps


Join online via Zoom - we'll send a Zoom link once you have signed up.

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