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THERMOS: for easier, quicker and cheaper planning of heat networks

Join The Centre for Sustainable Energy for their webinar on the THERMOS project: for easier, quicker and cheaper planning of heat networks. Tuesday 8 December, 10-12.

Heat networks are an efficient way to serve local heating and cooling demands and have a critical role to play in the decarbonisation of our energy system.

But energy planners often face challenges in masterplanning these networks due to the long timescales and high costs associated with exploring options.

To address this, THERMOS has developed a free open-source web-based tool which offers developers, local government, planners, utility companies and others a way to undertake sophisticated thermal energy system planning far more rapidly and cheaply than could be done previously. The tool is now in its final stages of development and is available to try online (

This event will introduce you to THERMOS, demonstrate the many features of the tool and present case studies of its application in the UK.

Register for the webinar via Eventbrite:

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