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Toward Renewable Fuels Webinar | Clarke Energy and INNIO Jenbacher

You Have to be Flexible Nowadays. So Does Your Energy.

Join INNIO Jenbacher and Clarke Energy for a free webinar on 10th June 2020 on the future of renewable fuels for power generation.  Register Here.

Europe is aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050. It is a global transition that is centred on the transformation from a largely fossil-based to a low or even zero-carbon energy system. This implies strong growth of the well-known renewable power generation solutions such as the volatile wind and solar PV (RES). But maintaining a stable and steady energy supply requires a flexible backup solution, which can best be provided by dispatchable gas power plants, ideally with flexible gas engines running on renewable gas.

INNIO Jenbacher is well positioned as a thought leader on e-fuels:

  • About 6,000 INNIO European Jenbacher gas engines are running on biogas and biomethane
  • Hydrogen, green synthetic methane and methanol are the future fuels for gas engines
  • Gas engines are an excellent technology for natural gas as well as for 100% renewable

Interested in e-fuels for your power generation projects? Together with their distributor Clarke Energy, INNIO Jenbacher experts we will share their in-depth understanding and experience with these fuel types and help you to decide how they can help you.

Find out more and register here.

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