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Hartree Launches New Green Venture to Supply Cleaner and Cheaper Energy to UK Businesses

27 July 2020

Hartree Partners, one of the world’s major commodity and energy trading houses, is today introducing Hartree Solutions, a green venture that will supply low-carbon energy to UK businesses, significantly reducing both costs and emissions. 

Hartree Solutions will fully finance and build low-carbon power generation for large users of energy, reducing bills by up to 30% via a long-term fixed-price contract. The solution offers energy freedom for businesses with zero capital investment.

Until now, consumers have been unable to access real-time energy market pricing and have been locked out of the benefits this can bring. By partnering with Hartree Solutions, businesses can gain from the security of its traders’ expertise in strategic price risk management, without putting their capital at risk.

Adam Lewis, a partner at Hartree said:

Everyone wants to go green and everyone wants cheaper bills, but the two don’t generally go hand in hand. Hartree Solutions enables businesses to benefit from our trading expertise and market knowledge to deliver a single solution that not only lowers their energy costs but also provides a pathway to a greener future.

Hartree Solutions will analyse the consumption needs of a business to determine its best energy solution and the most effective way to transition towards a fully green operation. Using Hartree’s innovative artificial intelligence (AI) system, the output of new or existing onsite generation is optimised to maximise savings and minimise exposure to market volatility.

The Hartree Solutions trading team uses its AI model, which sets the operating parameters of the generation assets to maximise revenue streams based on real-time market conditions and expected changes in market prices. These same AI algorithms are also used to calculate when the marginal use of carbon is high, allowing Hartree Solutions to simultaneously reduce carbon emissions.

Hartree Solutions will install solar, wind or gas-powered generation or energy storage such as batteries, either onsite or on a suitable nearby location. Part of the optimisation will involve the seamless back up of intermittent renewable supply to provide total power demand at one low fixed price. 

We’ll do what we’re best at to remove the headache of rising prices so businesses can focus on what they’re best at,’

said Lewis. 

Companies can further reduce their carbon footprint via Hartree’s Verified Emissions Reduction (VER) credits. The offsetting service reduces greenhouse gas emissions by directly investing in internationally recognised climate protection projects.

When customers buy carbon offsets through Hartree Solutions they are choosing carbon savings that are real, immediate, permanent and don’t lead to additional emissions elsewhere,

said Lewis. 

Hartree Solutions can help businesses with energy bills of £500,000 a year or higher. Over the last year, it has met the needs of hotel chains and data centres and is working with manufacturing companies in sectors such as food and beverage, chemicals, and mineral processing.

As a complement to its existing investment portfolio in the UK, Hartree Solutions has substantial capital and resources for additional projects and welcomes the opportunity to work with new partners.

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