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Islington Energy wins Homes & Communities Project of the Decade Award at ADE Awards

24 October 2017

Bunhill Heat and Power Network (London Borough of Islington) – Islington Council’s ground-breaking, innovative scheme involved retrofitting two kilometres of CHP-powered district heating in an inner-city environment to serve over 860 dwellings, two leisure centres and four office blocks

Bunhill Energy Centre and the district-wide heat network provides cheaper, greener heat to homes on several estates and buildings in the Bunhill Ward. 

Launched in November 2012, the heat network is fed by the local energy centre on Central Street which produces both electricity and heat. It is now bringing cheaper energy to over 700 homes.

In the same way that we use heat from a car engine to keep us warm when driving, the energy centre constructed at Phase 1 uses the heat created from producing electricity to help heat buildings and provide hot water. 

Unlike normal electricity production which wastes up to two thirds of the fuel used to make it, Bunhill Heat and Power uses the otherwise wasted heat to heat homes, the baths and leisure centres and so it is more efficient, cheaper and greener. 

Tried and tested gas fuelled Combined Heat and Power technology is used to run the energy centre and there is strict monitoring of the air quality.​

Phase 2

Phase 2 of the Bunhill Heat and Power network now has planning permission to build a new energy centre​.

Together with Bunhill Ward and the EU CELSIUS research project (managed by the GLA in London), we have agreed to fund an extension of the heat network, and provide additional heat production capacity for connected buildings. This will allow us to connect a further 454 homes in the area, with the potential to supply a further 1,000 homes. 

We plan to extend the existing heating pipe network from Bunhill Energy Centre up Central Street to City Road to capture heat from the tube network. A new energy centre will be built on the junction of Moreland Street and Central Street, on the east side of Kestrel House, where a small building currently stands.

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