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UK Green Building Council publish performance targets for offices

17 January 2020

On Wednesday 15 January, the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) released new energy performance targets for commercial businesses intending to reach net zero carbon in operation. 

Following direct engagement with industry and analysis of the projected zero carbon energy capacity of the UK, in order to facilitate the transition to net zero, UKGBC is recommending that the offices sector should reduce energy demand by an average of 60% by 2050 to help the UK achieve net zero. 

These targets were developed alongside the UKGBC’s 2019 report, Net Zero Carbon Buildings: A Framework Definition, which sets out a framework for buildings seeking to reduce their energy demand for construction and operation. They have been developed in collaboration with Verco, Better Buildings Partnership and BPF, with support from Arup, Carbon Intelligence, JLL UK and TfL.

The new energy targets represent more stretching requirements for commercial offices claiming net zero in operation and set out a trajectory of tightening energy performance requirements over the next fifteen years.

Find the full report here.

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