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Heat network companies: Agreement on consumer protection in response to the impact of Covid

1 May 2020

This agreement, to protect consumers during the disruption caused by Covid, has been signed by the following organisations:  

  • Dan McGrail (Chair) 
  • EDF Energy 
  • ENGIE  
  • Energetik 
  • E.ON 
  • Pinnacle Power  
  • SSE Heat Networks Ltd. 
  • Switch2  
  • Vattenfall  
  • Veolia 
  • Vital Energi  
  • Metropolitan UK
  • Enviroenergy (wholly owned by Nottingham City Council)

Where a consumer has signed a Heat Supply Agreement or Residential Supply Agreement with a supplier named above, and where the supplier named above is not acting as an Agent for a Third Party Provider, they will be covered by this statement. 

Download the full statement below.

Read our press release on the consumer protection agreement.

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