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Mayor of London releases 1.5C Climate Action Plan

13 December 2018

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has committed to making London a zero carbon city by 2050 and his London Environment Strategy (May 2018) showcases the policies and programmes to get us there. This week, the GLA has released a 1.5 degree Celcius compatible plan to meet the 2050 target. 

The 1.5C Compatible Plan looks at the different scenarios London can take to reduce its emissions and to reach the zero carbon target. 

Read the full Zero Carbon London: a 1.5C compatible plan here

Supporting publications

The 1.5C Compatible Plan was informed by the following reports:

  • Building Energy Efficiency - Arup built a model to help us understand how energy efficiency can be achieved. 
  • Zero Carbon Energy Systems - Element Energy modelled four scenarios to zero carbon energy by 2050, based on electrification, decarbonisation of gas, decentralisation of energy or a patchwork solution.
  • Adaptation - Mott McDonald have reviewed London’s existing activity on climate adaptation and identified where there is need for more to avoid the impacts of increasingly hot, dry summers and unpredictable weather 

The 1.5C Compatible Plan was also supported by C40’s Climate Action Planning Framework.

The scenarios to reach a zero carbon energy system have been modelled down to a borough level. The Zero Carbon Pathways Tool shows the energy, transport and other emissions under each scenario. It also shows the required level of energy efficiency retrofit and heat pump installation. 

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