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National Infrastructure Commission Wales Annual Report 2019

29 November 2019

National Infrastructure Commission Wales (NICW) published its Annual Report 2019 on Wednesday 27 November, with energy raised as one of the key issues to be addressed. 

The report highlights areas of energy the commission are seeking advice on, centered on three key areas of consideration: decarbonisation, connectivity and resilience. 

Decentralisation is framed as having the potential to play an important role in transforming the energy supply chain and helping to address some of the current challenges being faced. The Commission asks:

We seek evidence on how community energy infrastructure might be financed and the role, if any, for public authorities including local authorities. We are also interested in evidence as to whether local ownership requirements might impact the development of renewable energy infrastructure in Wales, either positively or negatively. Should potential economic benefits, in terms of jobs and investment in Wales, be offset against the potentially higher costs of renewable energy generated by community schemes?

The full report and supporting information can be found here

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