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Ofgem publish ECO3 Guidance - cavity wall insulation clarification

7 June 2019

As part of publishing the ECO3 Guidance, Ofgem have provided clarity on Cavity Wall Insulation removal. 

In a statement to stakeholders they indicated the following:

We are aware that some stakeholders are interested in the re-insulation of cavities as new measures under ECO3. As stated in our ECO3 Guidance: Delivery in the vast majority of cases we would not see re-insulation as an eligible ECO3 measure, and this may affect the eligibility of any associated measures, such as secondary heating measures.

This is because:

           Ofgem does not class the extraction of insulation from a cavity wall as a cost saving measure and so cannot be claimed under the ECO3 scheme.

           The insulation of a previously extracted cavity wall will not be eligible under ECO3 where there is already a guarantee in place covering the replacement of the existing work.

It may be possible to remove pre-existing cavity wall insulation and replace with new insulation only where no guarantee exists and there are exceptional legitimate reasons. For example, if it is causing a health and safety risk to the occupants of the premises and/or the structural integrity of the building in which it is located, it may be possible to claim for the new replacement insulation. This is also subject to the new installation meeting all other ECO requirements.

We are aiming to expand the guidance on the evidencing requirements for cavity wall insulation extraction and we hope to update stakeholders in due course.

We are aware of misleading communications within the supply chain which may lead to believe that ECO is funding cavity wall extraction. To address this we will also be strengthening our consumer lines.

Read more on the ECO3 Guidance by clicking here.

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