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SSEN Transition Project seeking Oxfordshire based participants for trial markets

19 November 2020

SSEN's flagship TRANSITION project, funded by Ofgem and NIC, is aimed at smoothing the transition from a DNO to a DSO.

The DNO to DSO transition will be a significant change in the way flexibility markets operate. Part of the TRANSITION project's work relates to designing flexibility markets to help us prepare for the anticipated increase in electricity demand over the coming years. As such, they are implementing trial DSO flexibility markets in the Oxfordshire area over the next 2-3 years.

To drive the development of these markets, they are looking for participation from the owners or managers of distributed energy resources (DERs - open to all generation, storage, demand response technologies, both small and micro scale).

This will likely be of primary interest to:

  • Owners and managers of electricity generation or storage in the Oxfordshire county
  • Oxfordshire businesses that could take part in demand response, altering their usual consumption patterns to balance the local demand and supply of electricity

If your organisation is interested in taking part in the project, or finding more, please visit

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