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ADE: ‘Government’s Energy Security Strategy will do little to ease the burden for consumers’

7 April 2022

The Government’s new Energy Security Supply will do little to ease the burden of the energy price crisis for consumers, warns the Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE). 

The trade association notes Government plans are largely focused on long-term offshore wind, nuclear and oil and gas development, technologies which will have almost no immediate impact on helping the UK avoid the worst impacts of the current energy price and geopolitical crises. 

As the war in Ukraine intensifies and energy bills continue to soar, the government must take immediate action to protect the UK’s energy independence by scaling-up energy efficiency, heat networks and other key decentralised energy technologies – these are no-regrets solutions to increasing national energy security and protecting against volatility, whilst also not losing sight of net-zero targets. 

The wider adoption of heat networks, flexibility and energy efficiency technologies would see the UK require less gas, thereby improving national energy security, significantly reducing bills for consumers, reducing the burden on business and alleviating fuel poverty.  

A new private investment framework to deploy energy efficiency measures in owner-occupied homes could form part of a wider plan to cut domestic bills for homeowners by up to £5 billion annually. Considering 63% of the country’s homes require less than £1,000 per home to upgrade to EPC Band C, this is a huge opportunity that is not being capitalised upon. 

Lily Frencham, CEO of the ADE, says:

Decentralised energy measures are proven, pragmatic, modern and ready to bolster the UK’s energy security and decarbonisation ambitions – we just need the political will and investment to create certainty and catch up with other European nations already using them to great effect. 

Unfortunately, the new Energy Security Strategy misses a trick by neglecting to focus on easy and established measures that can help people immediately – such as improving the efficiency of their homes. Without increased government support in these areas, it will be impossible to adequately protect consumers from continued price rises and volatility in the future.

Joanne Wade, the ADE’s Chief Strategic Advisor, says:

The content of the government's Energy Security Strategy is highly alarming. More oil and gas drilling is categorically the wrong direction to be moving in, both for the sake of the British public and the environment. 

We need to tackle energy security, fuel poverty and climate at the same time to make real progress. Delivering energy efficiency, greater flexibility and the accelerated decarbonisation of heat will deliver far quicker results than new oil and gas can – decentralised energy is ready to deliver on all three of these objectives.

About the ADE

The ADE is bringing energy together to advocate on the priorities for the UK in achieving net zero. We have over 150 members organisations and together we are driving the decarbonisation of heat, championing the role of industry in the green transition and pushing for UK homes, places of work and public services to be energy efficient and smart. Only by getting users engaged and investing in energy efficiency, low carbon heat and providing smart flexibility will be the UK truly be able to decarbonise its energy system. For this to happen, energy must work for the user. At the ADE, we believe that an energy system designed around the user’s needs, enabling the right technology choice in the right place, serves everyone better.  

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