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ADE response to Carbon Brief’s Climate Analysis

4 February 2019

In response to Carbon Brief’s analysis of why the UK’s CO2 emissions have fallen by 38% since 1990, the Association for Decentralised Energy’s Deputy Director Dr Joanne Wade said:

The UK is leading the way in decarbonisation; overall CO2 emissions have fallen 38% since 1990 and domestic emissions have declined in the past 30 years faster than nearly any other country on Earth. The choices made by individuals at a domestic and industrial level have accounted for more than half of this reduction and their efforts should be recognised and applauded.

Additional rapid reductions are needed however to meet our decarbonisation targets. Much of our success has been delivered predominantly through the decarbonisation of power. We now need to decarbonise heat, which accounts for more than 35%[1] of all UK emissions, if we are to achieve our climate change commitments. This will only be possible if we have active and engaged users.

To continue this trajectory, our policy and regulatory frameworks now need to be redesigned to let energy users make choices in supply and demand that continue to drive decarbonisation. This means providing energy users with clear and transparent information, rewarding those who participate and allowing energy users to compete in what has traditionally been delivered by a centralised system.

Notes to editors:

The ADE’s report ‘Solving the energy policy puzzle for users’ examines the policy and regulatory changes needed to achieve our decarbonisation targets. 


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