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ADE response to CCC’s ‘UK housing: Fit for the future?’ report

21 February 2019

In response to the report findings that homes are unfit for the challenges of climate change,  ACE Research Director Kelly Greer said: 

The ADE supports the Committee on Climate Change's view that while the technology and knowledge exists to create high quality, low-carbon and resilient homes, current policies and standards are failing to drive either the scale or the pace of change needed. 

There's been significant progress made to decarbonise homes but much of this success has been made through the decarbonisation of power. Action that drives energy efficiency and heat decarbonisation are key in continuing this trajectory. 

The challenge is that today’s system does not send clear signals to energy users about which actions they need to take and, vitally, in what order. It is difficult for energy users to understand the choices that are on offer, what would work best for them, and also how their choices relate to wider energy system goals. 

We know what needs to happen and we need to put this into action, developing policy that meets the needs of the user and empowers them to make choices that will drive decarbonisation. This means providing clear and transparent information, rewarding those who participate and allowing energy users to compete in what has traditionally been delivered by a centralised system.

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