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ADE Welcomes net-zero commitment and urges robust action to deliver

12 June 2019

Today's announcement is a welcome step to maintain the UK's leadership role in combating climate change and make the UK economy ready for the rest of this century. It requires action from every area of society. 

We need a revolution in the way in which we generate and use our energy, putting businesses and household energy customers at the centre of energy decision making.  Decentralised energy has a central role to play, with the generation, management and storage of energy taking place at a local level and so ensuring that our energy system becomes more nimble, flexible and low to zero carbon.  

Energy customers from heavy industry through to every home must be at the centre of this revolution. Those users are key to meeting over half of the emissions cuts needed. To make this happen, a new energy policy is now needed; one that enables energy users to be rewarded for cutting carbon in heat, power and transport, with energy policy making at the centre of all Government departments. 

Ambitious policies to secure large scale investment in heat networks, ensuring all customers can earn money for helping to keep the power grid stable and large scale investment in energy efficiency in homes, businesses and the public sector are essential to making today’s announcement happen.  

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