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Government publishes outcomes of the Future Buildings Standard consultation - ADE Responds

17 December 2021

The government hosted a public consultation from January to April 2021 on proposed changes to the Building Regulations. The government has now responded to that consultation, covering energy efficiency, ventilation and overheating.


ADE Comment

Caroline Bragg, Head of Policy at the Association for Decentralised Energy, said:

Retrofitting existing homes and buildings to be net zero already presents an huge challenge; it's imperative we don't add to the problem by building new structures that aren't fit for the future - every new home being built must be net zero from day one. The Government's announcement today of new building standards is a step forward - it raises the bar on energy efficiency and carbon emissions, which is welcome.

However, a more strategic approach to deploying heat networks is urgently needed. As we build heat networks spanning cities, we need tools suited to such large-scale infrastructure to drive their contribution to decarbonisation and high-quality energy technical standards.

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